Sikh Wedding vs Hindu Wedding – What’s The Difference?

Indian Wedding

Every culture has its own way of conducting a wedding. Be it Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or any religion, every religion celebrates the wedding in a unique way.

Sikh and Hindu weddings follow different rituals and traditions. For instance, in a Hindu wedding there is a fire called “Agni” that surrounds the couple and idols, known as “Murtis”, are placed all around. In contrast, there is no idol worship of any kind in a Sikh ceremony. Instead, Sikhs reference their holy book, called the Guru Granth Sahib, when binding their marriage.

Below are some basic differences between these two weddings.

Sikh Wedding

Sikh weddings reflect a strong Punjabi culture that includes various rituals, a lot of dancing, endless food, and traditional dresses. The pre-wedding traditions comprise Rokka, (pre-engagement), Kurmai (formal engagement), Akhand Path, Ardas (prayer), mehndi, etc.

The wedding ceremony takes place at a Sikh place of worship, called Gurudwara. The bride and groom are asked to bow in front of a holy Guru Granth, while the family members sing hymns to seek God’s blessing. Wedding lunch is vegetarian served at the Gurudwara’s congregational hall.

The wedding ends with the grand reception party which is given by the groom’s side to honor the newly-wed couple. Friends and family are invited to enjoy the lavish meal, dancing, and singing.


Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding ceremony incorporates various customs and rituals. The pre-wedding traditions involve Tilak, Ring Ceremony, Haldi, Ganesh Puja, Mehndi, Sangeet. A traditional Hindu wedding lasts an average of three days. On the first night, a priest performs the Ganesh pooja.

Hindu Wedding

On the Wedding day, the priest offers numerous mantras or chants to Gods on behalf of the couple. After that, the Barat is carried out which is a public ceremony in which the groom’s family and friends sing and dance while reaching to the bride’s residence.

After reaching the bride’s dwelling, the Varmala ceremony is performed that involves exchanging of flower garlands between the bride and the groom. The bride and groom then perform Phere that involves 7 rounds around a sacred fire.

Vidai is denoted as a sad event of marriage which is a ritual of bride bidding farewell. Reception is held after the completion of a marriage. It is basically a fun party where people enjoy music, dancing, and food.

All-in-all the basic difference between Sikh and Hindu marriage is, they are performed by following their respective religions and cultures.