I’m Meenal, an Indian transplant who has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Indian-style
weddings 😉 Born in India, but living in America now, you could say I’ve developed two very
distinct perspectives on Indian weddings. In my homeland, the complete excess and
multi-day festivities that come standard with our nation’s typical wedding is simply
expected…there is no other way about it. But living abroad, I’ve realized that other
countries don’t always understand the way we get married and wedding vendors
certainly miss a lot of the details unless they themselves are Indian.

So this blog is somewhat an excuse for me to drool over Indian wedding resources, ideas
and inspiration while also being a source of information to couples who want to have an
Indian or South Asian wedding outside of India. I also consider this journal to be a decent
resource to non-Indian wedding vendors themselves who want to understand how Indian
weddings work so they can support this community as well.

If you have questions for me or your own ideas to share, I invite you to leave a comment
on any of my posts.