Planning an Indian Destination Wedding in Cabo? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Planning your Indian destination wedding abroad can be both exciting and overwhelming no matter which location you choose. However, when you choose Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as the destination, your heart might be torn in dozens of directions while you contemplate whether to take advantage of the incredible local Mexican culture or honor your own Indian heritage. Better yet? Enjoy a little bit of both by choosing which parts of your wedding you’ll keep traditional and which will feature the local Cabo culture.

Decision Time: Beach or Land? (beach)

Naturally, Los Cabos is known for its breathtaking beaches and idyllic shores. Still, Cabo beach weddings aren’t ideal for every Indian couple, so you have to decide for yourself if this is the route you want to take. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Not all beaches in Cabo are private, so keep this in mind. If you don’t want looky-loos peeking in on your wedding, then you’ll need to book your event at a hotel, resort or private community that has private beach access.
  • Beach ceremonies are absolutely stunning and need minimal backdrop decor to look fabulous. If you want to save on decor expenses, a beach ceremony may be a great fit.
  • Weather permitting. Of course, being on the beach means sand, breezes and heat. Many couples love the natural feeling of exchanging vows in the open air, but there can be a few minor kinks if the weather decides to not cooperate, so be prepared.

Local Fare or Indian Food?

Authentic street tacos, fresh seafood and fish tacos and molcajetes of queso fundido are just a few of the mouth-watering local Mexican dishes you’ll find in Cabo. Yet, while many Indian couples want to enjoy the local flare, they still want to honor their long-lasting tradition of serving Indian food to their guests on their wedding day.

If you just can’t decide, have both! If you’re splurging on a multi-day wedding experience, you can choose to serve Indian cuisine on your actual wedding day and pass Mexican dishes during your Mehndi celebration.

Big Bash or Small Soiree?

Are you planning a small, intimate Indian elopement or a massive affair? There is no right or wrong way to host your own destination wedding, but your choice will impact other decisions; namely, which Cabo San Lucas wedding venues are the best fit.

Some Cabo resorts were built to handle large parties and can easily accommodate up to 300 or more guests and may even require a minimum. Other local properties, such as restaurants and private villas, are best for 50-100 people. If you have your heart set on a specific venue, be sure to find out the guest count minimums and maximums before booking.

Live Music or DJ?

Music is a central part of every Indian wedding, so this is a piece you’ll want to get right.

For smaller, more intimate weddings, it probably doesn’t make much sense to book a multi-piece band for a modest crowd and a disc jockey who has a strong Indian music repertoire is a great choice. And if you’re still hoping for that live music effect, you can always bring in a traditional duo of sitar and tabla for your Mehndi party or wedding ceremony.

If your wedding will be quite sizeable, then you can wow your guests with a full blown Bollywood-style band to play your favorite Indian music and modern tunes on your wedding day. Then, you can add to this a few musicians for other various parts of your wedding week, such as tampura, santoor player or sitar player to keep the energy up all the days of your event.

One Day or Complete Weekend?

Most Indian weddings are multi-day affairs and getting married in Cabo doesn’t have to change this. Despite getting married in a different location, you can still enjoy the full spectrum of traditions and ceremonies you would at home with the right preparation and the help of a professional planner.

The key isn’t whether you choose to have a one-day event or multi-day experience, but that you decide to do so early on. Due to the multiple spaces you’ll need to reserve for the various aspects of your wedding, not to mention additional catering, entertainment, local transit and suppliers, it’s essential to know in advance how many days you’ll need and the guest count for each of them.