How Much Does An Indian Wedding Cost?

Indian weddings are the perfect blend of traditions, celebrations and rituals. As a land of different cultures, every religion in India has its own rituals and traditions. Be it Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or any other religion wedding, the cost varies from family to family and religion to religion.

According to a wedding planner in America, an average Indian wedding costs $65,000 with 500 guests. However, a few claim that it requires $100,000 to host a party of 300-350 guests.

Rich in color, culture, tradition and delicacies, the Indian weddings are a four-day extravaganza. Every ceremony has its own significance and require a decent amount of money to perform those ceremonies.


For an Indian wedding, you need to spend on:

  • Pre-wedding celebration/Sangeet
  • Wedding event, reception and decor for the sangeet.
  • Wedding and reception venue
  • Food for pre-wedding event/ sangeet, lunch after the wedding, reception dinner.
  • Cinematography and photography
  • Jewellery and clothes
  • DJ, lighting for the pre-wedding event, sangeet, wedding and reception
  • Mehndi, hair, makeup
  • Invitations

Indian Wedding Expenses You Can’t Ignore:

Venue for Ceremonies

The biggest part of your budget i.e. 35-40% is spent on the venue and then on food and decor.

If you are planning to host an Indian wedding for 300-350 guests with a budget of $100,000, you can have the wedding ceremony and reception at a resort or a hotel. You can organize your mehndi and sangeet anywhere as most hotels and resorts charge almost the same amount as the wedding event or reception.

Most couple usually chooses a less expensive alternative venue for the sangeet like a golf club, banquet hall or a community hall. It covers the expense of approximately $15k.

Lunch After the Ceremony

If your wedding budget is $100k, you can serve lunch after the ceremony. The estimate of per person fee is between $45 – $60, including tax and service charge. However, it only includes tables, chairs, silverware, tables and another setup. But no food is included in it as it will be provided by the catering department.

Staying Arrangement

A handful of family and friends who came from another city to be a part of your wedding will stay for a day or two. So make sure you have booked a hotel in advance to avoid any kind of inconvenience. You can look for a venue that offers primary value-packed amenities like rooms for couples, individuals, Chiavari chairs and more.


From decorating house, mandaps, centrepieces to lightning for the ballroom and sweetheart stage decor, every decoration adds so much to the event.

The cost of an Indian wedding depends on the couple and the type of wedding they want. To make your wedding budget-friendly, you can hire a full-scale wedding planner and tell him your budget. A planner may save you money through discounts. Moreover, their expertise may help you avoid costly mistakes.