How to Host Your Indian Wedding Welcome Dinner On A Boat Cruise

If you have decided to take a plunge and tie a knot on a boat cruise, you must be looking for the right destination and cruise options to choose from. Boat Cruise destination weddings are the perfect way to celebrate your wedding in a different way. Imagine tying a knot on an extravagant ship with the blue sea around.

There are several dinner cruises across the world where you can host your Indian wedding reception on a grand note. You can get a plethora of choices among a private yacht and a large cruise ship. Surprisingly, hosting a welcome dinner on a chartered yacht can be affordable. As it has a small space that is a delicate balance of subtlety and grandeur.

If you are wondering how to host your Indian wedding welcome dinner on a boat cruise then follow the steps.

Decide a Location

Boat Cruises aren’t available everywhere, so you need to pick a location where this type of excursion is offered. If you’re planning an exotic destination Indian wedding, then consider a location like Mikonos Greece for your Indian wedding welcome dinner. If you’re staying local and you live near a body of water, reach out to your local Travel Bureau to see if dinner cruises are available locally. Waterfront cities like Chicago and Boston offer these types of activities.

Create a Guest List

Indian weddings are big affairs which involve extended families from both sides. But there are a few boat occupancy rules so make sure to invite the important guests in your wedding. Limit the guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Send Invites

After creating a guest list, it’s time to send invite to your guests. Add crucial information on your wedding invitations like time, date and venue

Choose the Right Boat Cruise

Usually, a boat wedding venue doesn’t travel far, but around your wedding city. So, choose a boat cruise that understands your wedding culture. Picking the right cruise line depends on your wedding style.

Book a Cruise

After finalizing a boat cruise for your wedding dinner, it’s time to make a booking. To book your desired cruise, here are the options you can consider:

  • Book online from the cruise line website
  • Call the cruise line’s reservation center
  • Use an online travel booking platform
  • Use a travel agent

Formal or Casual – The Way You Want

You can make your welcome dinner like the way you want. When you pick a boat as a reception dinner venue, you can have a full-fledged formal dinner or make it a colorful affair for your guests.

Music and Decor

These are the basic needs of an Indian wedding. Exotic, vibrant and intriguing. Some cruise offers decor and music services as well. However, if you are throwing an Indian wedding overseas, make sure the cruise you hire offers decor and music according to Indian traditions.

What to Serve for Dinner?

As you are planning a wedding welcome dinner on a boat cruise, so obviously food is one of the top priorities. A dinner cruise often offers gourmet dining with menus created by celebrity chefs. Some cruise even offers traditional dining plan where the food of a specific culture is included.

Hosting an Indian wedding welcome dinner is fun. If you are planning your dream destination wedding on a cruise ship, make sure to include these steps in your planning.