Top 10 Destination Locations to Have an Indian Wedding

Getting married is a big commitment between a couple and their families. Indian weddings are grand. They are celebrated with great enthusiasm. These family affairs unite two people and their families. When planning a wedding, many engaged couples entertain the idea of having a destination wedding. It is the most beautiful way to exchange vows in a dream location.

A destination wedding involves a smaller group of family and friends and is an intimate and enjoyable experience for the family and the guests. If you are also planning to tie the knot far away from your native land, you might be curious to find an exotic wedding destination in and outside India.

Here are some breathtaking and stunning places around the world where couples can get hitched. Let’s dive into details:


  1. Rajasthan, India

The historical place, full of magnificent palaces and forts, Rajasthan is one of the most idyllic locations to plan a destination wedding. From royal forts to opulent hotels, this city of lakes and mind-boggling views can make your Indian wedding a classy affair. The grandeur and royal charm of wedding places prove to be an amazing backdrop for your wedding pictures.

  1. Cancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico

Another exclusive destination is – Cancun & Riviera Maya. The place is one of the hottest wedding destinations in Mexico where you can gather, and celebrate your special day to the fullest. Planning your wedding in Cancun and Riviera Maya is no more stressful when you hire a reliable and professional Indian wedding planner.

If you’ve decided to have an Indian destination wedding in Cancun, contact Latin Asia. Known as the leading wedding planning firm, they offer different weddings of diverse cultures in Cancun and Riviera Maya. They can help you plan your wedding from start to end to make it an extraordinary affair.

If you do decide to have an Indian destination wedding in Cancun, contact Latin Asia to help you plan it start to finish because they pretty much established the entire Asian wedding market in the Riviera Maya area and most of the resorts are following their lead.


  1. Goa, India

If you want a romantic and gratifying beginning to your new life, Goa would be the perfect location to plan your wedding. In Indian culture, it is believed that marriages are made in heaven and holding your marriage on a popular Goa beach can make your wedding happening and everlasting.


  1. Santa Barbara, California

This is another wonderful place to celebrate a destination wedding. Also known as, American Riviera, Santa Barbara is famous for its effortless, laid back, and elegant appeal. This place will surely add a class and luxurious feel to your marriage.


  1. Bali, an Indonesian Island

Known as ‘The Island of God,’ Bali is a marvelous creation of nature. Because of its mystic white sand beaches, iconic rice paddies, and forested volcanic mountains, Bali is the most sought out wedding destination in the world. You can select this location to plan your destination Indian wedding in a traditional style.


  1. Thailand

Thailand is considered as a renowned honeymoon and tourist destination. It can also be a splendid destination to plan your wedding. Amidst of lavish hotels and attractive white beaches, Thailand is a seamless Indian wedding gateway. The blend of spectacular Thai along with traditional Indian culture offers your wedding a grand appearance and feel.

  1. Hawaii

The culture and beauty of Hawaii make it an ideal Indian destination wedding. Surrounded by pristine beaches, lush mountains, and exhilarating cliffs, Hawaii offers everything to make your big day an enthusiastic and memorable experience for all who are a part of your wedding.


  1. South Africa

South Africa is an increasingly famous place for taking place your Indian wedding. The destination involves a plethora of awe-inspiring locations such as game reserves and mountaintops which are ideal to tie your knot.


  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is yet another stupendous destination for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers to have an Indian wedding and turn it into the best experience of life. It offers both the bride and the groom with diverse Indian destination wedding settings such as a volcano, rain forests, and beaches to make their wedding day a dreamy experience.


  1. Paris, France

Most people consider Paris to be the most romantic city on this planet. Known as “City of Lights,” Paris has several landmarks where you can plan your Indian wedding. For example, The Eiffel Tower, this is a prime location for a spectacular night wedding.

These are some incredible destinations around the world where you can plan your exotic Indian wedding and celebrate it with your loved ones You can choose any of these wonderful destinations, hire a wedding planner and make it an unforgettable event for a couple and the guests.