What Is A Mehndi Party?

In Indian cultures, a wedding is a series of celebrations before and after the couple exchange vows. The Mehndi party is one of the essential and vibrant customs of an Indian wedding, especially Hindu, Muslim and Sikh weddings. Mehndi and henna are two different terms associated with each other. “Mehndi” is an Indian word for “henna” and “henna” is an Arabic word for “Mehndi.”

On this occasion, an artist uses a paste made from dried henna leaves to design intricate patterns on the hands and feet of the bride and other female members of the family. It is usually held a day before a wedding as a way of wishing bride prosperity and good health.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi vs Henna – Are they different?

The mehndi ceremony is organized by the family of the bride. While mehndi is for females only, male relatives are also invited to join the party that comes after the bride has completed henna on her hands.

Modern Indian weddings have added songs and dance to the mehndi ceremony as some brides celebrate their bachelorette party the same night. Mehndi Ceremony serves as a second sangeet that brings all families together to celebrate the pre-wedding ceremonies.

According to a common belief of Indian tradition, the darker the color of the bride’s mehndi, the more her husband will adore her.