What is a Wedding Saree?

India is famously known to have elegant costumes and dresses. One of the most expressive clothing that reflects a woman’s femininity is a Saree. This ethnic attire is beautifully draped around the body, making a woman look graceful.

In most of the Indian weddings, women prefer to wear a saree to get a perfect traditional look. Wedding sarees are usually made up of material like velvet and silk and are enhanced with heavy embellishments such as rhinestones, sequins, laces or beads. Sarees can be worn according to a season, climate or a particular occasion.

Mostly in Indian weddings, women choose to wear embroidery sarees, printed sarees, georgette sarees or chiffon sarees. Today, this attire is also inspired by the latest Bollywood trends. These days, Golden zari work sarees are in high demand as it makes the saree look vibrant and rich. A wedding saree sets apart the lavish tradition in India and adds sophistication to the personality of those who wear them. Precious moments like uniting in wedlock must entail gorgeous wedding sarees that blends together artistry, creative designs, and diverse culture.


How To Drape a Wedding Saree?

Wearing a wedding saree in the right way and right style is an art. Just a little practice and you can master it. There are different ways to wear a saree. The traditional way to wear a saree is with pleats in the centre and then fix pallu pleated or freely, depending on your personal choice. You can either drape the pallu around or let it fall. By making pallu rest on the wrist will give a royal touch to your personality. Be smart on your choice of accessories and jewelery. Bundle up, and you are ready to go, girl!

A wedding saree can be put on in different styles – every region in India has its own distinct way of wrapping a saree and that’s what makes it an appealing attire!