What Is Sangeet?

A traditional Indian wedding involves several pre-wedding events and ‘Sangeet’ Ceremony is one of them. In Indian weddings, Sangeet means music night or dance party. This is the most awaited, vibrant, fun, and frolic function of big fat Indian weddings. Like other cultures, music is considered as the soul of a wedding ceremony in Indian custom. From stylish and colorful outfits to peppy dance performances, a sangeet ceremony is full of laughter, cheer, and excitement.


 Usually, the sangeet ceremony takes place after the Mehendi ceremony, just one day before the actual wedding day. Depending on the budget and mood, it can be held either at the bride’s home as a small affair or in a lavish hotel as a big fat celebration. During this ceremony, all women from the bride’s side sing melodious songs on the beat of ‘Dholak’ to bless both the bride and groom. These songs describe the value of marriage in life.

A Celebration of Unity

Not only the couple’s union, but the sangeet is also a big celebration of the bonding of both families. During this event, the family members of both bride and groom come together to create a fun environment by singing and dancing. The sangeet night is full of enthusiasm and happiness. Also, it makes families and other relatives comfortable with each other.

Special Features

Singing traditional songs have been a major part of the Sangeet ceremony for years. In modern times, the sangeet celebrations include themes, stylish outfits, dance performances, skits, booze, food, and more.

The sangeet night is the best night throughout all the ceremonies of Indian wedding. It can be held combined or separately with the Mehndi ceremony. This gala event consists of bride and groom’s families getting together for song and dance.